The CMSO is completely reliant on volunteers from the community for its functioning. The CMSO is therefore completely open to participation from anyone interested.

There are several ways in which you can join the CMSO.

The fastest is to simply subscribe to the CMSO mailing list. You can then read the full archive of all activity of the CMSO, and will be kept up-to-date with all new developments.

You can of course also contribute by sending in your own suggestions, comments, and requests to this mailing list. We do ask that you first do a quick search through the archive before asking a question to avoid duplication of questions and answers.

Another way in which you can easily contribute to the CMSO, is by spreading the word. Subscribe to our Twitter feed and react to, like, share, or retweet our tweets.

If you want to get really active, we will be very happy to receive you at one of our free workshops, where the real hard work of standardization is done!

Regardless of your level of involvement, you are very welcome to join the CMSO!