CMSO has been working on a set of standards to build Findable, Acessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR data. is a curated, informative and educational portal providing information about data and metadata standards. CMSO and FAIRsharing have been working together on registering the standards produced in CMSO as well as related standards that are relevant to CMSO. FAIRsharing also links the standards with relevant databases and data policies.

FAIRsharing allows users to create collections. Collections group together one or more types of resource (standard, database or policy) by different criteria, such as domain, project or organisation.

CMSO created a collection in FAIRsharing including reporting guidelines, terminologies, and models or formats that are relevant to the cell migration community. The collection can be seen following this link.

Recently, the FAIRsharing team has also produced a widget that allows users to embed FAIRsharing collections in other web pages. The widget allows the visualisation of the different resources in the collection as a table or as a graph. The graph view shows the network of relationships among the resources in the collection. You can drag the graph around, zoom in to examine a specific region in more detail, see summary information for each node and click on each node to see its whole record in FAIRsharing. It is also possible to visualise other related resources that are not currently in the collection. This may allow organisations to consider resources of which they may not have been aware.

We are now using the FAIRsharing widget for the CMSO collection in our page, and you can visit it here.