The Cell Migration Standardisation Organisation (CMSO) is created to organize and streamline the creation of community-sourced standards in the field of cell migration.

These standards should cover three key aspects:

  • Minimal reporting requirements
  • Controlled vocabularies
  • Data formats and API standards

The minimal reporting requirements are written guidelines that ensure that sufficient metadata is provided to understand and possibly repeat an experiment.

Controlled vocabularies ensure that uniform annotation is used, and that this annotation is both human-readable as well as computer-readable.

Data formats and API standards are key to allow transparent and effortless access to the reported data, results and all associated metadata.

Everyone interested is welcome to join the CMSO, and to participate in any way possible in the standards creation and maintenance processes.

The CMSO efforts are coordinated by a number of elected volunteers, and the work is split into several working groups.

The most notable events for the CMSO are the workshops, for which participation is always free and open to anyone interested.

CMSO is also represented on