Minimal reporting requirements working group

Mission statement

Minimal reporting requirements are crucial in order to ensure that sufficient information is reported on a study to allow correct interpretation of the results, but also to allow reproduction of the study itself, if desired.

Minimal reporting requirements typically take the form of a document with guidelines or rules that state which information is considered essential when reporting on a given procedure, technique or analysis.

The goal of this group is to create this document.

MIACME v0.1 release

The Minimal Information About a Cell Migration Experiment (MIACME) specification have been released in version 0.1, and are now open for comments!

Please find the main page with the documentation of this specifcation on the CMSO GitHub:

The direct link to the Google spreadsheet, that is currently open for comments, can be found below:


A community driven survey has been created with the latest draft of minimal reporting guidelines. The purpose is to gain input on the quality and the necessity of the proposed requirements to take into account during further discussion.

The survey can be found here